A Perpetual Heart: Sloane (The Wayward Witches Book 4)

A Perpetual Heart: Sloane (The Wayward Witches Book 4)
Author: Candace Osmond
Pages: 38
Goodreads Rating: 4.80
Published: February 18th 2017 by Guardian Publishing

“For years, the unyielding power of air has tried to force its way out, seeping through my pores and commanding me to let go, to stop stifling it and just be free. But I can’t. I won’t do that to my sister. Jacey wants nothing to do with the magical world we come from, and I have to respect her wishes. Even though she possesses more power in a single finger than an entire coven of witches.” Sloane, the air elemental, floats through life behind a cloak. Shielding the world from her abilities. All because her sister Jacey is too afraid of her own powers to join in. But now Sloane has found Lenora and the coven of wayward witches, a place where she’s accepted. A place she can call home. But they’ll need the aid of Sloane’s reluctant sister if they truly want to complete the ritual for immortality that they’ve all worked so hard towards. Can they convince Jacey to help? Or will everything be swept away in the wind?