Disappearance in Plain Country (Beatrice Chandler Mystery Series Book 1)

Disappearance in Plain Country (Beatrice Chandler Mystery Series Book 1)
Author: Alice Recker
Language English
Pages: 440
Genre: Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: September 24th 2014 by Alice Shy Recker

When Beatrice Chandler agrees to attend a quilt auction in southern Missouri with her childhood friend, Margaret Bartlett, neither could ever have imagined the outcome. They are booked at the Miller Bed and Breakfast in the countryside of Seymour, Missouri. It is Bea’s first experience with the Amish and their simple way of living. The Amish ladies and the two guests are excited to get to the auction the next day. The young mother, Rachel, has brought her first quilts to sell and Margaret can’t wait to get her hands on a couple of them. By the end of the day, a fearful sadness is all that is left of the anticipated day. Rachel’s and Reuben’s three-year-old son Abe has disappeared from their booth during the auction. The search for him takes Beatrice from Missouri to Washington, determined to find the child. The kidnappers have serious dilemmas of their own when it comes to differing opinions of just what they have gotten themselves into. This adds to the stress they are under with each other, and the dastardly deed they have done when taking an innocent child. Beatrice knows she must get to Abe as soon as possible for his safety.