My Genes Made Me Do It!: Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence

My Genes Made Me Do It!: Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence
Author: Neil Whitehead
Language English
Pages: 302
Genre: Science
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: July 10th 2014 by Whitehead Associates

Are homosexuals born or made? Are people born heterosexual? Can gays change their sexual orientation? While the West has generally capitulated to the idea that homosexuality is innate and unchangeable, the scientific facts are now indisputable—homosexuality is not biologically hard-wired in any way. In fact half the homosexual population moves towards heterosexuality in the natural course of life—it’s just that very few people ever hear about it . This clear, comprehensive and accessible book takes an objective and orthodox look at over 10,000 scientific papers and draws the only conclusion possible: any biological contribution to homosexuality is weak and indirect.

But that doesn’t mean homosexuality is a choice; rather it is discovered to exist within oneself. It is overwhelmingly the cumulative result of personal responses to life events—as many human predicaments are. But people with same-sex attraction are no more the victim of their orientation than anybody else mastered by a deep-seated and powerful set of responses that are environmental in essence. Answers and relief are possible where there is informed assistance. Neil and Briar Whitehead have been researching homosexuality for nearly 20 years. Neil is a research scientist with a PhD in biochemistry. Briar is a writer.