Assignment: Intercept

Assignment: Intercept
Author: Nick Carter
Pages: 170
ISBN10: 0426189132
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Killmaster
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
ISBN13: 9780426189138
Published: 1978 by W.H. Allen

Hidden in the steaming Yucatan is the secret HQ of a maniacally brilliant Chinese scientist. Armed with a weapon that can trigger flaming death anywhere in the world! Foolproof American missiles were going off course and accidentally hitting Russian ships. Russian rockets were hitting American targets. somewhere deep in the Yucatan jungle, in a forgotten Maya temple, a demented Red Chinese scientist was using a lethal device for sidetracking missiles and Nick Carter, Killmaster, had to get into that temple and dismantle the equipment before the Russians and the Americans stated bombing each other for real...... A man, a women, and a bast would anything to keep Nick Carter from staying alive! Dr Liu: Brilliant Chinese scientist with a plan for starting a war between Russian and the U.S.A. Only minutes away from triumph, but Nick stood in his way. Maria Fuentes: Stunning Mexican beauty with an incredible body who had very special reason for desiring Nick. She wanted him dead. Balam: Natives' sacred jaguar, with stiletto sharp teeth and claws. Staved for weeks to turn it into a killing machine. And now there was a man in his pit...Nick!