Author: Gary D. Svee
Pages: 224
ISBN10: 0743463501
Genre: Westerns
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
ISBN13: 9780743463508
Published: October 28th 2003 by Pocket Star Books

Gary Svee's Spur Award-winning novel of a town caught at the edge of hell -- and the lone man who came to set things right. There was much to fear in Sanctuary, Montana. Small, poor, and brutal, it was a place people fought to leave, not one they sought out.

Most men tasted the bitter bile of the place and moved on -- until one day, one man came to stay. He arrived by train -- a tall, slim man in a dark suit and a preacher's collar. But this preacher was no angel of mercy. He drank whiskey, gambled, and faced down hard men in the street, wielding his belt like a whip of righteousness. And his dark eyes seemed to seek the secrets in the townspeople's souls -- their hidden desires, their vilest thoughts and most shameful acts. He would soon know everything, for he was the dark form of both unholy vengeance and bed salvation. He was Mordecai.... And God help those who would stand against him.