The SealEaters, 20,000 BC

The SealEaters, 20,000 BC
Author: Bonnye Matthews
Language English
Pages: 316
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Winds of Change
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: January 15th 2016 by Publication Consultants

“Bonnye presents a fascinating and fully developed new perspective on the intelligence and social behavior regarding Neanderthals that goes beyond the scope of traditional theories.” – Warren Troy, author of The Last Homestead The SealEaters, 20,000 BC is book 5, and the last of the Winds of Change Series on the Peopling of the Americas. This is a survival story of the Solutreans in southern France/northern Spain. As the Ice Age advances, seals from the north have beached on the shores of the People, and the SealEaters have come to depend on them for their major food source. The SealEaters face advancing ice from the north, and for the first time, warring groups beyond the mountains to the east and south. In search of a new land, a small number of SealEaters travel the arc formed by the ice sheets, eating seals along the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the east coast of what is now North America. They survey the land and groups of people living there, trying to find a new living place. With this move to the new land and the influence of new people they find there, will the People be able to retain their cohesiveness and peaceful ways? The Winds of Change affect individuals, groups, localities, regions, or the entire world, and all life responds.

The first four books exist in a world of peace following the eruption of a super volcano. With the last great Ice Age the lives of the People change from a world of peace required for survival--where in-fighting was a luxury they could not afford--to a world of war, well established by 11,700 years ago, that continues to this day. "What author Bonnye Mathews has managed to do is to expertly craft a series of notably entertaining novels that incorporates new data into an historical fictional accounts that bring these ancient peoples alive." -Midwest Book Review