Dragon Amour (Dragon-Half Breed Book 1)

Dragon Amour (Dragon-Half Breed Book 1)
Author: Robin Ambrozic
Language English
Pages: 233
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Published: January 16th 2017 by BookBaby

“Why does love require blood?” Jennifer ‘JJ’ Ritter, couldn’t have imagined the commotion her best friend’s cousin would bring to her high school world. Of course he was insanely handsome, brilliantly smart, and mysterious, but that couldn’t explain her sudden upheaval of emotions that bordered on obsessive. Nor describe the willingness to completely give herself over and devote herself to a man she barely knew. “Does love really require blood?” This question would embark JJ on an emotional roller coaster ride that would lead her to abandon her sanity for love, and embroil herself in a centuries old war that could cost her everything. Dragon Amour explores the sacrifices for anyone who falls in love. Sacrifices that are sometimes good or sometimes bad, but are always the right choices in the eyes of the one in love. But are they…