The Grinch and Miss Goody - Two Shoes

The Grinch and Miss Goody - Two Shoes
Author: Joann Baker
Language English
Pages: 175
Genre: Holiday
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
Published: October 20th 2012 by Blush Publishing

From the Barnes and Noble website Book Overview: "Mistletoe, falling snow and a six foot grinch! Private investigator Nicholas Trent hates the snow and whole sentimental hype of Christmas. All he wanted was to finish his investigation and get the heck out of Winterfall, Nebraska, and back to the sunny beaches of California. But he hadn’t counted on falling for his new assignment. The quiet beauty had a knack for melting his cold heart. But would she forgive him once she found out the secret he harbored? Kate Harris had never met a sexier man than Nicholas Trent. Even though he’d been sent to dig into her personal life and perhaps take away the niece she’d raised on her own for the past three years, his soul-stirring kisses fueled her dreams. Would she lose more than her heart, or would she receive a Christmas miracle."