The Corner 11

The Corner 11
Author: Alex Richardson
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.69
Published: February 15th 2014 by Miller Beach Publishing

MARI, she was a loyal soldier who held her own even when put behind bar. She never snitched and even after taking a razor to her face several times, stayed loyal to her crew—the Haitians. But when her man, Pierre, and the crew she had been a part of tried to kill her, she decided that it was time to look out for herself, to get revenge. LISA, tries to show that she is the one for Slim but when things don’t go her way she along with someone close to Slim helps Devin and Feds come up with the information they need to put Slim and members of the crew behind bars. The Corner 11 Mari’s Revenger is another installment of the series that never gets old and keeps the reader wanting more. It is the last of the first season of the novels that reads like a television series with the second season beginning in April 2014.