Rose (The Lipstick Girls)

Rose (The Lipstick Girls)
Author: Bobbye Terry
Pages: 60
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
Published: April 16th 2011 by Daryn Cross

Rose Carmichael lands the job of her dreams at Pucker Perfect Lipstick Corporation, a top rated-cosmetic firm based in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. However, she soon discovers the job is not as cushy as she first thought and the CEO’s expectations may be far greater than what Rose can deliver. Flame Fairmont, partial owner and CEO, is bound and determined to shoot Pucker Perfect back into first place with Rose’s campaign, and not within a year, but a couple of months. To make matters worse, Flame’s former love interest operates the number one competition, and Gentry Fairmont, Flame’s brother, works for him. Rose still believes she can still beat the odds, but how can she avoid Gentry, who’s drop-dead gorgeous and too hot to resist?