The Classic Dungeon Design Guide: Book 1 - Forging the Underworld

The Classic Dungeon Design Guide: Book 1 - Forging the Underworld
Author: Kent David Kelly
Language English
Pages: 422
Genre: Games
Series Castle Oldskull Fantasy Role-Playing Game Supplements
Goodreads Rating: 3.78
Published: January 2nd 2013 by Wonderland Imprints

(CASTLE OLDSKULL is a universal supplement series intended for all game designers and all Fantasy Role-Playing Games.) Deep dwarven cities of the underworld, Infested by conquering orcs, Enslaved by demons of skull and pyre ... ~ Black labyrinths of mad demigods, Proving grounds for daring adventurers And graveyards for greedy fools ... ~ Twisting passages, all alike, Where lurking trolls and shadow beasts Guard the deepest riddles of the nether ... ~ If you have ever wanted to know how to quickly and masterfully create your own mega-dungeon for your pen-and-paper Fantasy Role-Playing Game (PNP FRPG) campaigns, this is the perfect book for you. This Game Master’s guide will show you, step by step, how to take your vague-yet-promising ideas and how to sculpt them with precise and careful design decisions (enhanced, if you prefer, by random die rolls), allowing you to conceive an end mega-dungeon in record time. Best of all, the CASTLE OLDSKULL CLASSIC DUNGEON DESIGN GUIDE is also system-neutral. No matter which of the many FRPGs you choose to play, from basic skill level to advanced, a first edition or a fifth or anything in between, the ons you master here will serve you in your gaming for years to come. Learn how to make the most of your ever-dwindling prep time, so that you can spend those saved hours gaming with your friends! This old school Guide is filled to overflowing with more than 350 pages of design material and dungeon generation tables. Highlights include: ~ * Hack and slash and beyond. 39 adventure scenarios, with 20 diabolical twists, totaling 780 great ideas for your next campaign. * A myriad of options. Over 10,000 unusual benefactors (“quest givers”), unusual wilderness encounters your players will never forget, and extensive rumor and dungeon history generation systems. * Every end labyrinth ever, under one cover. Extensive details on realistic underworlds, hundreds of dungeon dressing ideas, over 10,000 room types, and much more.

* The imagined made real. A complete second book is included herein as a detailed example of dungeon design, featuring over 60 pages of specific examples. The Goblin Head campaign environment supplement reveals exactly how a 13-level mega-dungeon can be conceived in a matter of hours. ~ The CLASSIC DUNGEON DESIGN GUIDE is brought to you by Kent David Kelly of Wonderland Imprints, a role-player and Game Master with over 30 years of play experience. Best of all, if there are any other materials you would like to see relating to dungeon design, feel free to contact the author. Many more CASTLE OLDSKULL supplements are being prepared specifically to support the players, initiates and Game Masters of the Old School Revival (OSR).

This Guide is your gateway to the realms of sword and sorcery. Join us for the adventure! (A complete reference work designed to supplement existing pen-and-paper Fantasy Role-Playing Games. 12 chapters, over 100 section topics, 60,000 words, 350 pages; organized via a fully hyperlinked table of contents. Just one of the proud creations available now from Wonderland Imprints — Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.)