Cyberbia Doomsday General

Cyberbia Doomsday General
Author: Justin Greene
Language English
Pages: 322
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.89
Published: 2014 by Zanami Media

In a leafy English suburb teenage Hallie plays the life simulation computer game Cyberbia as obsessively as her best friend, Jack, once played his beloved Cannibal Zombies. Neither her parents, nor her psychiatrist attempt to stop her. After everything she's been through, how could they deny her the peace it brings? The game allows Hallie to escape her world, where terrible things can and do happen and no-one seems able to make them right again, for a brave, new virtual one.

In the world of Cyberbia nothing truly awful ever comes to pass and you are always in control. Just make sure your 'Norms' (as its inhabitants are called) collect the required points and all will be well with them. If only it was so easy for Hallie to keep herself and Jack safe. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, in his office on the 33rd floor of Tokyo' Sugihara tower, Cyberbia's celebrated creator, Yoshi Mashita, receives reports that can only mean one thing: his best-selling Utopian game is taking on a sinister life of its own.