Journeyman: The Force of the Gods: Part I

Journeyman: The Force of the Gods: Part I
Author: Mark Tuson
Language English
Pages: 352
Genre: Business
Goodreads Rating: 3.65
Published: March 19th 2017

When a young down-and-out, Peter Rutherford, is accidentally roped into a magical war that has been raging for over twenty thousand years, he is expected to be content with simply being a member of the team: a grunt, with a view to simply surviving and helping his peers to survive for one more generation. But why should he, when he has so far lived a life of openly-thwarted ambitions? Is he made for more, is he what the ancient Guild of Magicians needs to end the war, once and for all? Nobody ever thought he was - not even himself. Not, that is, until he saw how simple it would be to end the war.