Author: Douglas E. Winter
Language English
Pages: 656
ISBN10: 0060937734
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.80
ISBN13: 9780060937737
Published: October 2nd 2001 by Harper Perennial

Pestilence, floods, war, social upheaval, drug crime, wicked leaders, conspiracies, corruption even visions of death-dealing aliens -- this superb collection of stories takes an unforgettable imaginative journey into terror and transcendence. Each decade of the twentieth century is assigned to one of the top fantasy/horror authors of the modern age who evokes the particular madness of that decade as it contributes to a prophecy for the next century. Decade by decade as the millennium approaches in these powerful, chilling tales, the tension builds toward a dramatic revelation that is both a prophetic warning and a visionary answer for all humankind. A singular publishing event, Revelations is a stunning anthology-novel by modern superstars of fantasy and horror, including New York Times -- bestselling author Clive Barker, David J. Schow, and Ramsey Campbell.