Payton Edgar's Agony (Payton Edgar Mysteries Book 1)

Payton Edgar's Agony (Payton Edgar Mysteries Book 1)
Author: M.J.T. Seal
Language English
Pages: 227
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.12
Published: November 8th 2014 by M.J.T.Seal

London, 1962. Renowned London restaurant critic Payton Edgar is more accustomed to eating from plates than spinning them, and yet this is just what he finds himself doing after agreeing to stand in for the London Evening Clarion’s Agony Aunt. While an Aunt of a different kind causes misery for him on the home front, a disturbing letter to the column soon embroils Mr Edgar in a murder plot. Can he solve the mystery of Capstick and Clay before his spinning plates come crashing down?