My Secret Submission

My Secret Submission
Author: J.M. Witt
Language English
ISBN10: 9780692681
Genre: Erotica
Series KinkyFodder Chronicles
Goodreads Rating: 4.03
Published: May 4th 2016 by J.M. Witt Books

A new standalone novel about a taboo romance. Forbidden desires, stolen moments, and secret submissions just the beginning. My submission, Your demand Your wish, My command Coming May 4, 2016 Meredith Nichols. I’m the epitome of a good wife and a good mom. I’m President of the PTA, I volunteer in my children’s classrooms, and I moonlight as a freelance editor for romance authors. No one suspects what secret desires lurk below the surface, except my husband. I’ve openly tried to persuade him to join me in my fantasies, but he’s refused over and over again. Then, I met Gregor Thompson. Our worlds collided one fateful day and there was no turning back. He’s a mystery, intriguing, dominant, and has the same struggles at home that I do. He’s opened my mind to the possibility that my fantasies can indeed be met and that he’s the man to mentor me. He’s infiltrated my brain and seems to know my wants and needs before I express them. It’s time to be who I was meant to be, get what I want, what I need, and forget what society thinks. I’m going to let Gregor take me on a journey of self-discovery to places most are unwilling to go. We all have a public life, a private life, and a secret life… He would be mine. He was my safe place. He was my secret escape. He was my Sir. He was My Secret Submission.