King of Slaves: Jenna's Story

King of Slaves: Jenna's Story
Author: Elin Peer
Language English
Pages: 458
Genre: Uncategorized
Series The Slave Series
Goodreads Rating: 4.56
Published: July 13th 2016

King Kopilus never apologized in his life! Will a small American female force him to break tradition and say the dreaded words? Award-winning architect Jenna Davis is not happy when she’s asked to take on a last-minute job and move to Spirima to help rebuild the country after a five-year-long civil war. One would have thought the King of Spirima would be happy to receive a billion-dollar aid package, but when the USA sends a woman to run the show, a major culture clash is inevitable as the King point-blank refuses to work with Jenna because of her gender. King Kopilus thinks his teenage fantasy has come true and that the pretty blonde has been sent to pleasure him. He has a rude awakening when she calls him a barbaric baboon and rejects his generous offer to take her to bed. For that offense alone, he’s determined to give the intolerable woman plenty of time to regret her insult in her small prison cell. Will a threat from the USA force King Kopilus to allow Jenna to be the first woman to do a man’s job in Spirima? And how will he handle the demand for him to give Jenna a personal apology? King of Slaves is the last installment in the amazing Slave series and quite frankly, Elin Peer has done it again – she gives you fiery arguments, an alpha male versus a strong modern woman, and lots of unexpected plot twists that will have you hooked from beginning to end. Don’t hesitate. Get King of Slaves and finish the series with this brilliant read today!