Bear Humbug!

Bear Humbug!
Author: Harmony Raines
Language English
Pages: 81
Genre: Fantasy
Series Christmas Bear Brothers
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
Published: January 5th 2016 by Harmony Raines

Declan and his brothers always volunteer to work the Christmas Holidays. Why? Because they know how important family is. And since none of them have a family of their own, they think it's only fair for others to enjoy this special time of year. However, this year, Declan, the Sheriff of Bear Bluff, is feeling like a bear with a sore head. He wants to have a mate, he wants to have a family. So when he meets his brothers for their traditional before - Christmas-shifts-begin - drink, he is feeling like Scrooge - all bah humbug! What he doesn't know, is fate is about to reward him in the best way ever.

Maria needs help, but where the hell is the sheriff? When her sister died, Maria came to Bear Bluff to be the sole guardian of her nephew, Jason. Thrust into this strange town, she feels like an outsider.

Worse, she is sure Jason sees her as an evil stepmother - and has now run off up the mountain. Scared he is going to freeze to death in the snow, she turns to the one man who should be able to help her, the sheriff. Because that's his job, right? Only when she first meets him, his behaviour is so strange, she wonders if he's just a guy in fancy dress. Is it possible the sheriff can pull himself together and help her find her nephew? And why does he keep looking at her in a way that makes her stomach go all funny? Find out what fate has in store for these two in Bear Humbug! Note: Bear Humbug! was previously released as part of the Shifter Wonderland Box Set.