Mental Hell

Mental Hell
Author: Lisa K. Minor
Language English
Pages: 273
Genre: Glbt
Goodreads Rating: 2.25

In a locked mental facility near Eugene, Oregon a patient is found dead. Is it murder? Most counselors say it was not an unexpected death and most likely due to 'natural causes.' But when a second patient dies, one of the counselors, Mackenzie Harris, thinks it is more than a coincidence. Confronted with indifferent staff and self-absorbed patients, Mackenzie begins investigating on her own; which takes her from the Oregon Coast to the State Hospital. A new staff person begins work at the hospital and Mackenzie finds herself attracted to the mysterious woman. Is she involved in the murders? Mackenzie finds unlikely allies in a couple of patients who help her along the way. They hope to find the killer before someone else dies. Interweaving intrigue, mystery and romance together the author takes the reader on a fast-paced and suspenseful journey into the mental health system, where one of the questions is, who is crazier, the staff or the patients?