Collared (Anna's Education Book 3)

Collared (Anna's Education Book 3)
Author: Alex Carlsbad
Language English
Pages: 28
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.25
Published: January 15th 2015

The chauffeur is English, the car — a late model Rolls-Royce.

Her lover is American, his line of work — ancient. She is young, her future — dark. A lonely tear runs down her exquisite cheek. Perhaps it is a tear of joy. For what better reason to exult than the knowledge that one's family is safe and provided for? Her mother's cancer is astoundingly back in remission for the second time.

Anna knows it wouldn’t have happened were it not for Jake's intervention to move her to an expensive private hospital where he paid for experimental therapy. Or maybe, it is a tear of chagrin for a life that never was. Gone is that young impressionable woman, a teenager still, who obeyed her Master and forwent on the offer of acceptance to a prestigious Ivy League school. She has been transformed into a creature of pure energy and lust. Sit back and relax. Join the exclusive club of Master Jake’s ancient society as they bear witness to Anna’s continuing journey. This erotic story is Part 3 of Anna's Education series but can be enjoyed on its own.