Heat of Her Dragon

Heat of Her Dragon
Author: Olivia Myers
Language English
Pages: 775
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: December 18th 2015 by Soft Kiss Books

Just a short time ago, Gwythn had everything a teenage girl could possibly want. Prestige. Comfort.

An engagement to a prince that would have secured for her unfathomable riches. And she’s thrown it all away and abandoned her home for the sake of the dragon she loves. Has she made the right choice? After six months on the road, under the constant threat of pursuit from the ruth King Blethen and ignored by her lover, she is beginning to have second thoughts. As she approaches the south, towards the forest of the Sigion—a people known for their love of beauty and for their strange ideas of intimacy— the weight of her fears and her unsolved questions begins to push her away from her dragon, into the arms of another. Will she remain true to the man she’s given everything up for? Will she ever be able to return home again and to save her captured father from a fate worse than death? And will Blethen’s kingdom be able to withstand a growing shadow from the past that will soon threaten the lives of all?