Author: Kevin Dole 2
Language English
Pages: 164
ISBN10: 0976631016
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.55
ISBN13: 9780976631019
Published: April 7th 2005 by Afterbirth Books

Tangerinephant by Kevin Dole 2 THIS IS THE WAY TENSION BUILDS . . . Michael Tangerinephant has problems.

He's on the outs with his cyborg-prostitute girlfriend. He's in trouble with his (formerly) criminal syndicate. He's been framed to take the fall in a trillion dollar stock scandal. Things seem like they can really get no worse when aliens abduct him and force him to reenact 20th century daytime television. The Chill are strange. The Chill are deranged. Unpleasant things begin to swim towards the surface of his (sub)conscious in their presence. They might drive him crazy, if he isn't there already. . . A swirling vortex of science fiction, satire, and surrealism, Tangerinephant will suck you in and chop you into moonrocks.

"Tangerinephant is one of the most wildly imaginative books I've read in years," ---Carlton Mellick III, author of Satan Burger "The world of Kevin Dole 2 is vibrant, irreverant, and most of all important. His is the kind of jubilance found only among madmen and geniuses." ---John Edward Lawson, author of Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades