Peter and the Rising Angels

Peter and the Rising Angels
Author: T.J. Dixon
Language English
Pages: 440
Genre: Fantasy
Series War of Contractia
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: December 2nd 2016

This is the SIXTH book in the War of Contractia. It is completely DRM free and you have permission to change the format for your personal use.

As Peter’s journey approaches its final destination where will he end up? Hell? Heaven? Or somewhere in between? Wherever he may end up we can be certain that Peter’s path will be a bloody one, but he will not tread it alone. As gods and angels battle against the forces of hell, armies of elves and dwarves march to war. Contractia fights a war on two fronts for not only Contractia’s survival, but for the survival of humanity and the freedom of all the mortal races. Please note that this series is unsuitable for young children mostly due to violent content and occasional (non explicit) references to matters of a romantic nature. There are also rare generally innocent, but compromising situations.