The Witness

The Witness
Author: Jack McSporran
Language English
Pages: 190
Genre: Thriller
Series Maggie Black Case Files
Goodreads Rating: 4.43
Published: January 12th 2018 by Inked Entertainment

New York City. A dead official. A girl who saw too much. When the sole witness to a foreign dignitary’s murder is kidnapped, secret agent Maggie Black is sent to the United States to save her. Already shaken by unexpected personal news, Maggie’s work gets even more complicated when she learns the witness is a twelve-year-old girl being held inside the Russian consulate. Using her specialized skill set, Maggie must find a way to return the girl into the safe hands of her British colleagues. From subway brawls to high-speed car chases, Maggie’s trip to the Big Apple is hardly a walk in Central Park. Because things aren’t as they seem, and in the end, Maggie must decide if she can live with a deadly lie when the truth could mean war… THE WITNESS is the second heart-pounding novella from Maggie’s case files, and the perfect read for fans of Lee Child and James Patterson. Get your copy of THE WITNESS today and join Maggie Black in one of her most harrowing missions as a secret agent.