Chaos Conspiracy: A Chaos Wave Prequel

Chaos Conspiracy: A Chaos Wave Prequel
Author: James Palmer
Language English
Pages: 60
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: October 29th 2016 by Mechanoid Press

The Prequel to the exciting events in Star Swarm. Special Operations agent Lt.

Noah Hamilton thought his mission was easy enough. Go and retrieve an undercover operative Leda Niles and bring her back to home base. But things get more complicated than he'd planned. Now he's up to his neck in seedy gem merchants, criminals, and a shadowy group targeting remote scientific outposts for some sinister purpose. Now it will take all his training, all of his resourcefulness, to get the job done. That is if Lt. Niles doesn't get him killed first. It's interstellar action and intrigue in this short prequel that leads directly into the forthcoming novel Star Swarm: The Chaos Wave Book One.