A Stud in Stilettos: A Lesbian Love Tale

A Stud in Stilettos: A Lesbian Love Tale
Author: Joi Miner
Pages: 154
Goodreads Rating: 4.41
Published: December 27th 2017 by Shan Presents, LLC

Cienna Brooks was a hope romantic. Unlucky in her own love life, she had turned her love of love into a successful business, Queen of Hearts Matchmaking Service, Atlanta's premier LGBTQ dating company. She'd put her heart and soul into it, ever since ending things with her fiancée Sheyna, who had almost cost her everything, including her freedom. Cienna had sworn off love until... it, or she, came walking into her office in search of a Queen. Sheyna Sampson had been with Cienna since college, when she was a nerdy freshman afraid to come out for fear of what others might think. She'd turned her into the woman that she was, and invested everything into her business.

Yes, she'd cheated, and sometimes had to get Cienna in line, but she never thought she would leave, or get her locked up. With her time served, she planned to get back everything that was hers, Cienna and Queen of Hearts. And she planned to get them both by any means necessary. Love is tricky, and navigating it to put perfect couples together is what Cienna does best. But, with her love life being a wreck, how long will it be before her credibility is questioned? Who can trust a Queen of Hearts who can't keep her own life together?