The Honeytrap: Part 1

The Honeytrap: Part 1
Author: Roberta Kray
Language English
Pages: 33
Genre: Uncategorized
Series The Honeytrap
Goodreads Rating: 3.68
Published: July 6th 2015 by Sphere

The first part in this four-part ebook-serial from Roberta Kray - no one knows crime like Kray. Harry Lind isn't a huge fan of the honeytrap side of his detective business so when there are no male 'honeytraps' available for a client he takes a hell of a lot of convincing to step up.

And then he runs into an old acquaintance when he's on the job and things get a lot worse. Ellen Shaw is trouble with a capital T but why is she talking to Danny Street, one of the most notorious gangsters in the East End? Suddenly, Harry feels as though he's about to get involved in a different kind of trap altogether . . . Full of strong characters and authentic East End gangland action, The Honeytrap is an enthralling read from the author of No Mercy and Streetwise.