TWIN PACK: Protecting VIRGIN Blood

TWIN PACK: Protecting VIRGIN Blood
Author: Bella Wolf
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Published: February 17th 2016

HUGE Value ***Limited Time Offer*** 20 + Steamy BONUS Books >>>READ FOR FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED<<< Matt and Luke are tall, dark and terribly handsome identical twins, not to mention Shifters They are on a mission to protect the virgin blood of sweet, naive Annabelle Rose, who has no earthly idea of who she ‘really’ is, and what her parents ‘really’ are.

Annabelle Rose is a sweet, innocent beauty, who learns the truth about her parent’s intentions to take her life …and virgin blood, following her upcoming 21st birthday Now caged in the cellar of her home, Annabelle works an escape and is on the run for her life; hoping beyond hope what she has witnessed…her parents shifting and consuming her best friend, was nothing more than a bad hallucination. Her only chance at staying alive, Matt and Luke, who both come to care for her in what turns into a complicated, love triangle. Mystery, suspense, and the raging LUST of a pure-blooded virgin paint the backdrop of this intense thriller, while Annabelle uncovers the secrets to a world beyond the one she knows.

How will she resolve her love for the twins? Is the war of the werewolves something she can live with, or is it best to bail? WarningIntended for mature audience, 18 years and above, sexually explicit content. *** Bonus Stories Inside! Tags: ROMANCE Paranormal Romance Protecting VIRGIN Blood Alpha Male Werewolf Shifter Vampire Romance Fantasy Short Stories Science Fiction Paranormal Romance