The Godson: A True Life Account Of 20 Years Inside The Mob

The Godson: A True Life Account Of 20 Years Inside The Mob
Author: Willie Fopiano
ISBN10: 0312953232
Genre: Crime
Goodreads Rating: 2.94
ISBN13: 9780312953232

The Godson is the vivid, colorful, and sometimes violent account of the rise, fall, and redemption of a young Boston gangster - Willie Fopiano. All the kids on the North End of Boston dreamed of being hoodlums and mobsters - their heroes were the Brinks bandits and the wiseguys with their fancy suits and Cadillacs. But only Willie Fopiano, the smartest and the wildest, became an apprentice to the wiseguys and a trusted aide of Meyer Lansky. Crime was his life and The Godson is his incredible story. At the age of ten he was beating convicted killers at craps and winning their respect. When other kids were struggling with their homework, Willie Fopiano was running his own crew of master thieves and playing Monopoly with real money. By his early twenties he had survived the wrath of vicious cops, done time in prison, made friends with Albert DeSalvo - the man who confessed to being the Boston Strangler - and been dragged into the bloodiest gang war the country has ever seen. More than once he nearly became a victim himself in run-ins with a killing machine named Joe Barboza. Bank scores and jewelry heists, planned like commando raids, made Willie a young millionaire, and his glamorous life of crime took him to the glittering city splendor of mob citadels in Las Vegas and Miami Beach. Along the way, Willie met the mysterious men who ran the Pizza Connection heroine ring and learned the mob's darkest secrets. The Godson will reveal why the mob felt betrayed by Joseph Kennedy and why John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe died.

It is the ultimate account of the inner workings of the Boston Mob and Meyer Lansky, as told in his own words by the only surviving insider.