Bullet & Bae: Black Love

Bullet & Bae: Black Love
Author: Ms. Tracy White
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: March 29th 2018 by Diamante Publications, LLC

Bianca “Bae” McLaurin is serving a sentence for attempted murder at one of the most heinous prisons in the world, Rikers Island. Everything seems all peaches and cream .

The love of her life Tierney is the epitome of loyalty and is riding with her until the wheels fall off . Tierney and Bae were everyone’s relationship goals until their plans of love marriage and a baby carriage come to a screeching halt when tragedy strikes as it involves their childhood friend . Adapting to life outside the wall wasn’t an easy task but an old cell mate of Baes guides her as much as she can until her mysterious death. With the loss of her friends Bae struggles to keep her sanity. That’s until a shocking confession from Tierney sends her world spiraling . Will this be the thing that crumbles the bridge that hold the two lovers together? Or will they be able to hold each other up ? Is Love really enough?