Giving Up the Ghost

Giving Up the Ghost
Author: Phoebe Rivers
Language English
Pages: 160
ISBN10: 1442466189
Genre: Fantasy
Series Saranormal
Goodreads Rating: 4.35
ISBN13: 9781442466180
Published: February 5th 2013 by Simon Spotlight

Sara discovers an exciting new paranormal ability—but will it hurt more than it helps? Though the paranormal has become nearly normal for Sara Collins, life has been stranger than usual lately. Accidents and mishaps are happening at home, and Sara’s dad and Lady Azura aren’t getting along very well. Lady Azura blames the negative energy in the house. Sara’s not sure what that means, but she’s also a little preoccupied dealing with a new power she’s just discovered: the ability to read minds. What starts off as fun insight into people’s thoughts quickly leads Sara down a frightening path. Is Sara hearing the true thoughts of her friends and family, or is some sort of negative energy wreaking havoc? Sara confides in Lady Azura and together they discover that Sara’s new ability is not a gift like her other abilities. Rather, it’s a curse. A curse that Sara needs to overcome before it destroys her most important relationships.