Rites of Passage: A Warmachine Anthology

Rites of Passage: A Warmachine Anthology
Author: Douglas Seacat
Language English
Pages: 420
Genre: Fantasy
Series Iron Kingdoms
Goodreads Rating: 3.85
Published: 2014 by Privateer Press

In the beginning, great power is only great potential . .

. Renowned for both martial and arcane skills, the mighty warcasters of the Iron Kingdoms possess the unique gift of bonding with and commanding mighty warjacks on the field of battle. Yet despite their inborn abilities, these powerful soldier-sorcerers began as novices, forced to harness their talents in rigorously structured military training programs or through the brutal crucible of battle. Rites of Passage tells the tales of six novice warcasters, some from the great military powers of the Iron Kingdoms and others destined for a more independent path. Journey to the Cygnaran front lines with Lieutenant Allison Jakes as she learns the difficult ons of what it means to be a battlefield commander.

Balance faith with arcane might alongside Initiate Tristan Durant of the Protectorate of Menoth. Navigate the treacherous politics of the Druzhina, Khador’s military training academy, with Kovnik Andrei Malakov.

Take to the bloody high seas aboard a Cryxian ship with the ruth pirate raider Aiakos. Follow the trials of the assassin initiate Elara as she struggles to accept her changed destiny as a warcaster within the Retribution of Scyrah. Finally, prowl the war-torn streets of occupied Llael with the gutter rat Gastone Crosse as he becomes the most wanted man in Merywyn.