The Red Stones of Ravengate

The Red Stones of Ravengate
Author: Lee Karr
Language English
Pages: 287
ISBN10: 0821736027
Genre: Gothic
Goodreads Rating: 3.12
ISBN13: 9780821736029
Published: December 1st 1991 by Zebra

Meredith Miller was overwhelmed when she was suddenly appointed headmistress of Haverly Young Ladies Academy, but the talented young teacher believed she could handle the awesome administrative responsibilities and even the resentment of the other teachers. Then, a mysterious, dark-eyed child named Naida was dropped off at the school - a child who seemed to come from nowhere - and strange happenings began to disrupt the fragile peace of Meredith's domain. Yesterday's PromiseIgnoring Naida's frantic warning to stay away from the shadowy mansion that shared the school's sheltered beach on the rocky Maine coast line, Meredith was strongly drawn to Ravengate and to it's owner, brooding, dark-eyed Clinton McCulloch. But when Naida's least favorite teacher suffered a freak accident, then a wasting illness, Meredith realized that Naida was not as innocent as she seemed. And when she followed a bloody trail to the beach and witnessed a sight so shocking she nearly lost her senses, Meredith knew that dark forces were at work at Ravengate. Despite her growing love for Clinton and her determination to protect the school from scandal, she knew she must either obey the odd child's desperate commands...or succumb to the vortex of terror that surrounded her.