Anti Inflammatory Diet (Weight Loss Plan Series Book 5)

Anti Inflammatory Diet (Weight Loss Plan Series Book 5)
Author: Annette Goodman
Language English
Pages: 74
Genre: Food and Drink
Goodreads Rating: 3.04
Published: August 13th 2014

Are you suffering from the severe symptoms that you've been trying to overcome for a long time now using your prescribed pills, but just stuck somewhere in the middle? Unrestrained inflammation lead to asthma, allergies, tissue and cell degeneration, heart diseases, cancer and various other maladies, which are difficult to deal with. I myself suffered from long and gruesome periods of acute inflammation.

I had the IBS symptoms and very bad, extremely painful sinusitis.

It started to affect my day to day ability to work and my potential and productivity suffered a steep decline. Medication helped but the effect was only temporary. I would be confined to my house for days without any solution to my problem.

Every doctor I visited could pinpoint the superficial problem and treat it but none could tell me what was causing this problem, time after time. And the problem was my diet! Vast majority of the recipes I included in this book can be prepared really fast and easily! I also included absolutely delicious One Week Diet Plan for you!