Alliance for Antrim (The Chronicles of Nevin Reasoner Book 1)

Alliance for Antrim (The Chronicles of Nevin Reasoner Book 1)
Author: Thomas Lombard
Language English
Pages: 157
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.44
Published: March 23rd 2013 by Thomas Lombard

Book 1 of The Chronicles of Nevin Reasoner introduces the title character. Nevin Reasoner never completed an advanced degree because he wanted freedom to explore the sciences without pedantic constraints. As a result, he loses his job as a Lecturer at Hempstead College. On his last day, he discovers a peculiar small man in his office recovering from a physical assault. Anson, dressed in tunic and breeches, claims he is a “mage” from a place Nevin could not find on any map. Anson pleads for help in ending persecution, anarchy and devastation in his land. Nevin refuses to believe that magery exists beyond sleight-of-hand, superstition, or rational explanations—until he is shamed for his own scientific chauvinism. Following some inspiring and amusing experiences, Nevin agrees to help Anson and together they contrive a plan. After a deliverance to Antrim by extraordinary means, Nevin gradually sorts out the scientific plausibility for the spellwork he witnesses and helps carry out. After all, he sees nothing supernatural, no talking animals, and no items created out of nothing. The mage and the “sage” team up with a soldier for a so-called alliance for Antrim. Both magery and scientific acumen are needed to supplement their courage in overcoming obstacles to pacify the warring kingdoms. Sometimes they have to deal with physical altercations, forcing Nevin to use his relatively large size in an unfamiliar role as a fighter.

Unfortunately, another stranger to the land brings science for nefarious uses to aide one side with impending tragic results. Forced to add a high-born woman to their troupe, they put their plan into action to turn the tide of war. Book 2 of The Chronicles of Nevin Reasoner picks up the story when they must face the destructive effects of science gone wild.