The Princess Series

The Princess Series
Author: Aya Ling
Pages: 498
Genre: Childrens
Goodreads Rating: 4.17
Published: November 25th 2014

Get all three books in the Princess Series in one convenient box set: 1. Princesses Don’t Get Fat A fairy tale romance with a plus sized heroine and plenty of dessert. Princess Valeria of Amaranta is fat, but she doesn’t care. All she wants is to eat a lot and lead an idle life. When it is apparent that she cannot get a husband, her mother decides to send her to the Royal Riviera Academy of Fighting Arts. For a chubby princess who has never picked up a sword, life at the Academy is akin to torture. Worst of all, the food is terrible. When Valeria decides to improve Riviera cuisine by sneaking into the palace kitchens and giving orders, little does she know that the crown prince would take interest in her kitchen excursions.

As they spend more time together, Valeria must decide whether she should become thin and attractive, or stay in the kitchens and remain fat.

2. Princesses Don’t Fight in Skirts Who says a girl can't wear a dress and wield a sword? It has become fashionable now for princesses to run away and seek adventure. Princess Arianna of Linderall, however, is willing to stay home and be proper. She screams when she sees spiders, enjoys sewing and dancing, and always looks at her reflection first thing in the morning. What happens when her great aunt, the first woman warrior in history, decides that Ari is too "traditional" and sends her off to the Royal Rivieran Academy of Fighting Arts? Can she survive the vigorous physical training and earn the respect of her peers? Moreover, can she attract the attention of a prince even when she’s forced to relinquish makeup and dresses during training? 3. Princesses Don’t Become Engineers Princess Elaine has been through nine governesses. Only when she decides to study math and science at the prestigious University that she stops tormenting her elders. The problem is that the University does not welcome females. How can Elaine, who has only been schooled in basic reading and court etiquette, prove that she is capable of a higher education? And how will everyone accept an anti-social princess who just wants to invent gadgets and fix machines?