Preserving the Ingenairii: The World and the Energy Realm

Preserving the Ingenairii: The World and the Energy Realm
Author: Jeffrey Quyle
Language English
Genre: Fantasy
Series Ingenairii
Goodreads Rating: 4.05
Published: August 13th 2010

The Ingenairii Series concludes in "Preserving the Ingenairii" when Alec floats down the Giffey River, returning to the Dominion after his battle with Michian's demon at Ravinia Bridge and John Mark's Cave. He arrives in Goldenfields, ready to embrace his destiny as the next ruler of the Dominion, only to discover that all members of the ingenairii race, including his fiancee Bethany, have been struck down with an unidentifiable illness, leaving them all unconscious and wasting away in a coma-like state. Thus begins Alec's great adventure, a desperate journey that will take him from Oyster Bay to Stronghold, across the eastern plains and into the wilderness of the Pale Mountains in search of long-forgotten ancient ruins. John Mark reveals that Alec will have to travel into the lands of the lacertii, and seek their help, for only they can guide him to find the weapon he will need if he is to save the ingenairii - an ancient, holy talisman that resides in a place across the lacertii kingdom, where Michian's invasion has created a deadly battle zone. And if Alec can gain the lacertii's trust, and then survive the challenges of the conflict zone, he will be armed and ready to take on his most difficult battle: a physical journey into the ingenairii dimension in order to fight a demon! Alec has faced rebellions, invasions, and deadly injuries, but how can he hope to beat a demon enhanced in the energy realm, especially when he must struggle to survive a daunting quest without calling upon his own powers?