The Duke and The Baron : Absolute Surrender

The Duke and The Baron : Absolute Surrender
Author: Jenn LeBlanc
Language English
Pages: 400
ISBN10: 0996030700
Genre: Romance
Series Lords of Time
Goodreads Rating: 3.30
ISBN13: 9780996030700
Published: April 8th 2014 by Illustrated Romance

This book was originally published as ABSOLUTE SURRENDER no other changes have been made. Happiness was always too much for Lady Amelia to hope for. Now all she expects is to secure her future and marry Charles, Duke of Castleberry, as arranged. But Amelia has a dangerous secret that could not only destroy her in Charles's eyes and the eyes of society, but could also very well condemn her to Bedlam. Baron Endsleigh, Amelia’s oldest friend, has other ideas. Ender has loved Amelia all his life. He knows her secrets, and they don’t frighten him. He plans to come between Amelia and Charles in any way he can to prevent the marriage and finally claim Amelia for his own. Though her father forbade the match years ago, Ender is determined to have her as his wife and nothing can stop him. Not even a duke as powerful as Castleberry. That duke has hated Baron Endsleigh and wanted Amelia for, what seems to him, forever. Charles will stop at nothing to make her his, and his alone, even if that means destroying the one thing he knows she loves most in this world—Endsleigh. Will Amelia be able to choose when one man speaks to her head and the other her heart? None of them will find happiness until they all three learn to embrace absolute surrender.