Makhorka: The Green Cigarette

Makhorka: The Green Cigarette
Author: Matilda Yenowich Dumbrill
Language English
Pages: 470
ISBN10: 150238339X
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.62
ISBN13: 9781502383396
Published: November 6th 2014

Based on real events, MAKHORKA is the epic story of Danya and Mikolai, two young lovers torn apart by the turmoil of turn-of-the-century Russia. With Danya's help, Mikolai mounts a daring escape from the Tsar's army and sets out to make a new life in America while Danya stays behind. Alone and fighting to survive the frigid winters with only hope to cling to, Danya is betrayed by those closest to her and must find the strength to overcome their heart treachery. Years later in 1920s America, Danya's dreams of love and New World prosperity quickly turn to hardship as the Great Depression catapults her into another desperate struggle to survive. When she uncovers fraud by a respected member of the community, Danya decides to act, not expecting the vicious reaction that threatens to tear her family apart.