A Rose from Old Terra: A Novel of the Scattered Worlds

A Rose from Old Terra: A Novel of the Scattered Worlds
Author: Don Sakers
Language English
Pages: 268
ISBN10: 0971614792
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780971614796
Published: November 15th 2007 by Speed-Of-C Productions

LIBRARIANS IN SPACE... A single yellow rose summons Jedrek nor Talin back to Old Earth.

A decade ago, he served the Terran Grand Library as one of the guardians of Humanity's collected knowledge. Now the last Librarian has called together the memrbers of Jedrek's broken work circle to protect the Library from its greatest threat. Four millennia after the Terran Empire fell, the Galaxy's communications system is breaking down. Jedrek and his coworkers set off into deep space to repair ancient Imperial equipment. But the aren't the only ones.for the warring remnants of the old Empire have also dispatched ships on the same mission. Suddenly, a peaceful settlement becomes ground zero in a clash of Galactic cultures-and a bare handful of Librarians are all that stand between the Galaxy and disastrous interstellar war..