Girl of the Book

Girl of the Book
Author: Princila Murrell
Language English
Pages: 226
ISBN10: 1502343967
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.36
ISBN13: 9781502343963
Published: October 26th 2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Twelve year old Courtney Parker is devastated to have to leave her friends and South Africa behind when her father accepts a lucrative contract and the family relocate to Saudi Arabia. Jeddah feels like a different planet to Johannesburg. In spite of her initial reluctance to venture out of the comfort and security of their new home, she quickly forms friendships with Nizar Bukhari and Lana Alahmadi.

However, not everyone is happy with the situation. Courtney must learn to adapt to an alien, seemingly unforgiving culture and stand up to the bullies that are making her school life hell. Nizar and Lana must both try to overcome their family prejudices in order for their friendship with Courtney to survive. Will they succeed? Will they be able to set aside their differences? Can they bridge the cultural divide? “Girl of the Book” is a compelling, contemporary story that will get older children thinking. More than that, it is a story of friendship and forgiveness that will tug at your heart.