The Business of Media Distribution

The Business of Media Distribution
Author: Jeff Ulin
Language English
Pages: 529
Genre: Abandoned
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
Published: September 25th 2009 by Focal Press

Written by the insider who headed sales for Lucasfilm across distribution markets and managed the release of Star Wars Episode III, this is the first book to show how all related media distribution markets, including television, video and online, work together and independently to finance and maximize profits on productions. It demystifies how an idea moves from concept to profits and how distribution quietly dominates an industry otherwise grounded in high profile elements (production, marketing, creative, finance, law). The book provides a unique apprenticeship to the business, illuminating at a macro level how an idea can move from concept to generating $1 Billion, relating theory and practice in the context of the maturation of global market segments, and exposing the devil in the detail that impacts bottom line profits. Producers, media executives, and entertainment attorneys in specific niches will benefit from this wide-ranging look at the business across various distribution outlets, including theatrical, television, airlines, merchandising, cable, and home video. * The definitive book on how studios and networks make money; apply the knowledge and concepts to your business * Demystifies net and gross: learn how/when you get the money once you've produced a film * Covers the entire range distribution outlets; learn how your speciality relates to the big picture * Details film marketing in a practical and case-study manner, including an overview of how the last Stars Wars film was marketed, down to the level of promotional partner tie-ins