Scandalous Deceit

Scandalous Deceit
Author: Moni G.
Language English
Pages: 62
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.13
Published: August 13th 2014 by Pink Angel Publications

After being devastated by her college fiancée Jace’s double life, Janae has given up on men. Not only had Jace asked for her hand in marriage but he had also done the same thing with Vanessa, the mother of his son back home. The day after graduation she leaves her hometown of Cross and moves to Sandy Springs. The move is not only to put Jace behind her but to also focus on establishing her business as a professional party planner. That is until she organizes a corporate Christmas party and meets one of the attendees, Reason Devine. His touch alone sends an electric current racing through her that she can‘t explain. Reason makes her forget that she does not want to get involved in another relationship. Wooing her in, she falls for his irresistible charms. Until she’s asked to plan a party for him by his ex-wife Monique, in which she knows nothing about. Feeling like she has been betrayed, she throws the party and everything goes off without a hitch. That is until Reason decides it’s time they talk and he’s not taking no for an answer. After storming away from Reason in a fit of anger she accidentally bumps into Jace, someone she thought she would never see again. Not knowing anything else to do, Janae does what she does best, she runs back to her hometown to try and clear her head, and also her heart. Except her mom has other plans for her once she learns the truth. Now with two guys fighting for her affection, Janae is at a loss. Is this a love triangle or is Janae merely a causality of their Scandalous Deceit?