PR Rules: The Playbook

PR Rules: The Playbook
Author: Hope Katz Gibbs
Language English
Pages: 178
ISBN10: 9780991301
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 2014 by Inkandescent Publishing Company

So you have started a company, and you have big ambitions for it but you do not have a PR budget to match. Should you blow your marketing budget trying to get featured in The Wall Street Journal? Throw a party and hand out discount coupons to attendees? Or skip PR and marketing all together and trust that word of mouth will be sufficient to let potential customers know about your business? The answer, says PR expert Hope Katz Gibbs, is none of the above. The simple fact is that many small-business owners cannot afford to hire a PR agency, Gibbs realizes. So they need the most affordable, least time-consuming way to promote their business. That is why she penned PR Rules: The Playbook The Entrepreneurs Guide to Supersizing Your Small Business With the 8 Steps to PR Success. The 178-page interactive guidebook offers her trademark 8 Steps to PR Success, which any small-business owner can immediately put into action. Being quoted in the news is no longer enough to get a company the visibility it needs to grow, insists Gibbs, a journalist-turned-PR specialist, who has helped hundreds of business owners increase visibility since founding Inkandescent Public Relations in 2001. Packed with easy-to-follow tips, suggestions from experts, and thought-provoking exercises, PR Rules: The Playbook, is a hands-on primer to help you create and manage a strong PR and marketing campaign.

Now, every entrepreneur who wants to take a DIY approach to PR can take a page from The Playbook. Beautifully crafted with hundreds of illustrations by award-wining designer/illustrator Michael Glenwood Gibbs, the book has three sections: Part 1: Understanding the PR Playing Field. What is the difference between PR, marketing, advertising, social media, and sales? Eight well-known experts in each industry explain the tools of the trade. Part 2: The 8 Steps to PR Success. Discover how to create a stunning website, master the art of newsletter writing, get in the news, and more with hands-on exercises you can play with, master, and apply to your own business. Part 3: Case Studies and Inkandescent Insights. Learn from eight successful entrepreneurs, including the Life is good, Inc., co-founder Bert Jacobs; Tony Award-winning playwright Ridley Pearson; Chemistry.

com questionnaire creator Helen Fisher; and Fast Company magazine co-founder Alan Webber, a 2014 candidate for governor of New Mexico. The difference between a successful PR campaign and one that falls flat is finessing the tools with style and grace while knowing what to do each day to maximize your visibility, she concludes. The result: your business glows, and grows.