Hunger Within

Hunger Within
Author: Megan Hawke
Language English
Pages: 302
Genre: Did Not Finish
Series Sable Hart Vampire Slayer
Goodreads Rating: 3.68
Published: December 26th 2016 by Hawke Publishing

I'm Sable Hart, and I slay vampires.

It's not a bad living, until I cross the wrong vamp. Now I'm undead, and really pissed off about it. The vamps think I'll obediently join their ranks. Big mistake. I'm not a lay down and accept my dark fate kind of girl. Then I discover my Sire has very unsavory plans for Dallas. There is no way I'll let that Russian vamp drag my hometown into the pits of Hell. With supernatural strength, speed, and dark hungers, I will use them all against my Sire and his army of undead. I am the new sheriff in town, armed with stakes, silver bullets, and a wicked sword. Vampires, you have been warned. Sable Hart Vampire Slayer Series: - Hunger Within - Dark Hunger - Blood Hunger - Slayer's Moon - Blood Moon (Coming June 2017) About the Author: Megan Hawke is an Urban Fantasy writer. She has a passion for vampires and kick-butt women, and loves her some witches and shifters, too. She loves nothing more than spending her free time weaving stories of paranormal adventure and mischief.