Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Author: A.K. Michaels
Language English
Pages: 66
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.30
Published: October 23rd 2014

All Hallows' eve produced a run of the mill call for the local police station; a house party was violating the noise ordinance. Not surprising for on duty police officer, Cole Fitzgerald considering the rowdy nature of this time of year. Not much challenged Lieutenant Fitzgerald's resolve, that is, until he stumbles upon something that is undefinable and haunting to a profound degree. A dark disturbance that burrows into his depths and festers until it edges its way under every inch of his skin. Colliding suspects rip up the night in utter pandemonium: Nikolai Kairos, a biting personality, attempts to juggle hosting duties while dealing with his own lustful troubles. Hector, the faithful manservant strives to remain obedient to his duties amidst chaos until his heart takes control, a dangerous detour. Hump, the deformed beast roams the party, hunting endly for his next toxic conquest. These are just a few of the beings that challenge the Lieutenant's perception of just what lurks in the dark. A.K. Michaels (The Wolf, The Witch and The Vampire), C.S. Bailey (Maybe, Misery), Nav Logan (The Storm-Bringer Saga) and Rick Haynes (Bolt out of the Blue) come together to bring you a completely improvised and extremely grown up tale. With a guest appearance from author Ken Magee. Happy Halloween!