Raspberry Revenge

Raspberry Revenge
Author: Jessica Beck
Language English
Pages: 188
Genre: Mystery
Series Donut Shop Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.12
Published: January 4th 2016 by Cozy Publishing

Donut Mystery #23, Raspberry Revenge, From New York Times Bestselling Author, Jessica Beck When Mayor George Morris’s chief rival, Harley Boggess, is found murdered while sitting behind the mayor’s desk in city hall, it looks as though George may have dispatched his competition permanently. When the mayor goes missing immediately afterwards, things appear to be even worse, and it’s up to Suzanne, her mother, and Grace to work together to uncover who really killed the councilman before the mayor’s future—and his freedom—are extinguished forever. For more information, go to jessicabeckmysteries.net