An Ill Wind (Forbidden #3)

An Ill Wind (Forbidden #3)
Author: Regina Puckett
Language English
Pages: 111
Goodreads Rating: 4.43
Published: May 16th 2015 by Punk & Sissy Pubications

It has been eight hundred and seventy years since The Great War, but thanks to the pioneering spirits of Harmony’s grandmother and grandfather, the quality of life in the war-torn countryside has slowly been improving. Harmony and Boy have been flying her grandmother’s airship since her death. They use it to deliver food supplies and scavenged objects from The Forbidden Lands to the last few remaining humans on earth. It’s on one of these trips up the east coast that an unexpected storm pulls the airship out into the open ocean. Even though Harmony struggles to keep Airus airborne, the strong winds are too much and it’s sent crashing into the ocean. When Harmony regains consciousness, she discovers that the currents have pushed Airus onto the shore of a tiny island – but that’s the only good news. There’s no fresh water, her two robots are damaged, Airus’ balloon is deflated, and the friction engine is broken. All of this may have been enough to defeat someone else, but Harmony has never been known to give up. She’s lucky enough to be bed with her grandmother’s grit, determination and bullheadedness.