You Here Tonight

You Here Tonight
Author: Candice Blake
Language English
Pages: 88
Genre: Romance
Series You Here Series
Goodreads Rating: 3.04
Published: December 26th 2016

In an art class at a prestigious university, Kevin meets Kyle through a stroke of pure luck. Kevin is an aspiring artist who is rapidly generating esteem in the art world. Kyle is the school’s star quarterback. Had they not been paired up for this art project, Kevin, the tender free-spirit, would have never had crossed paths with Kyle, the rugged and handsome champion. Their future is on the line as Kyle desperately needs to pass this class to stay on the team and reach his dream of making it in the big leagues. Kevin needs this to remain in Duke's renowned art program. To meet the deadline, Kyle agrees to spend Christmas in Wisconsin with Kevin's family.

After a long road trip to a cozy cabin filled with count nights working on an intimate art endeavor together – their lives begin to change. Swiftly, Kyle's suppressed bisexuality emerges; while Kevin refuses to accept Kyle’s genuine curiosity and lust for him. After all, girls on campus were always quick to swoon over the star quarterback including Kevin’s jealous sister. These two young men filled with talent and promise find themselves veer off the straight road towards success into the winding beaten path full of darkness, unknowns, and forces that try to tear them apart. This 20K novella has a guaranteed HEA with steamy M/M sex sequences and also includes a deleted chapter that’s too hot to miss!