Blue Ridge Wolf pack (Cody and Kyle Book 1)

Blue Ridge Wolf pack (Cody and Kyle Book 1)
Author: Anna Cartwright
Language English
Pages: 46
Genre: M M Romance
Goodreads Rating: 1.00
Published: December 18th 2015 by Anna Cartwright

Cody Winchester had it all.

He had just taken over as alpha wolf of his home pack. He had a loving family, amazing friends. He always felt something was missing, his mate who he wanted to meet so badly. That all changed when he met Kyle Sark. His true mate. Cody would soon experience what true love really feels like. Could Cody claim his mate and would his pack accept him as there alpha. Cody soon finds out that not all his pack are loyal as they claim to be. Can Cody save the one thing that truly makes him happy. Or is he about to lose everything he holds deer.